Action Tree Care: A Profile In Tree Services

action tree care
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Arbor care is one of Central Florida’s unsung industries. With hundreds of varieties of trees across the state, this is one of America’s most lush environments. There are trees everywhere, and if you own a house or property somewhere, you probably interact with one regularly. And, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have one outgrow your property, you’ve probably also considered hiring a tree service.

It’s an important service, and a business model with a lot of growth in the region. Every year, hundreds of appointments are made with arborists from Gainsville to Daytona by people frustrated with their tree growth. Whether to have branches trimmed back or the entire tree removed, the arbor care service industry is booming.

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

But the problem is, a lot of companies make themselves out to be more qualified than they are. They’ll advertise certified arborist qualifications without any such thing to back themselves up. They’ll try to convince clients that tree trimming is easy. And why should they rent “a professional” when they have a chainsaw, truck, and three buddies to help them?

The truth is, however, that tree care is just like medicine in a lot of ways. With the right treatment and management techniques, you can save a tree from being cut down before its time. Or if you have to remove it, you could protect the soil so other plants can thrive after it’s gone.

There are liabilities, protections, and procedures that only come with a proper understanding of tree maintenance.  And while it might seem easier to go with the first company with a big enough-looking chainsaw and truck, these factors mean more danger to you, your tree, and your property.

Enter Action Tree Care

Started in 2016, this Daytona Beach arborist and tree surgeon operation began with a humble offering of one 1998 Dually truck, a few workers, and a clear goal: to offer professional, high-grade tree surgeon services and assessments to clients in and around Central Florida.

And how does one go about setting themselves apart like this, in an industry practically bursting with copycat tree companies all offering the same low-bar services? You start with someone like Amber Carson at the wheel. ISA Certified Arborist, Carson, is specifically qualified to run and monitor tree surgeon projects in a healthy and sustainable environment. Her experience in the industry (as well as extensive vetting by the International Society of Arboriculture) make her a singular force in the tree surgeon industry.

Amber Carson
Amber Carson and Action Tree Care put their extensive experience and qualifications to good use taking care of Central Florida’s tree population.

And we’re not exaggerating when we say singular. “In Volusia County, there are three of us,” says Carson. “You’ve got to be vetted to be approved, have at least four years’ experience in the field or a degree, both of which are equally challenging.”

A Better Way To Trim

Which adds a unique angle to their outlook on the competition. As a player with a lot of weight in terms of qualifications, Action Tree Care’s seen its fair share of shocking bungles from unqualified tree companies.

“You hear about it a lot,” said Carson. “I’ve run into a few different customers that have stated they had people come in who claimed to be arborists. And you get there and you find they’ve just hat-racked their trees.”

Carson went on to explain hat-racking is an industry term referring to the heavy trimming of a tree with improper cuts to the point where the branches are largely removed, leaving only a few, that resembles a hat rack. “This is one of the many things they could do that just stress a tree out more. Sometimes it makes me want to cry, the things they’ve done to these trees. Lion tailing. Heading cuts, and improper pruning. Or they just don’t know what they’re doing. There ends up being just so much damage done to not only the tree but also the property. It’s terrible.”

Add insights like this to the impressive growth of Action Tree Care since its inception, with multiple climbers and estimators, as well as admins to help keep up with this fresh growth, and it’s not hard to understand the glowing reviews and great referrals this company has.

A Closer Look

“The one thing I do enjoy is being able to look a customer in the eye and say ‘This does not need to be removed’.” That’s Carson speaking to the idea that, as a professional tree care service, a lot of their work actually revolves around avoiding harm to the tree. “Being able to not only mitigate hazards to your house, but also to your tree. Having that interaction with a customer and seeing their faces light up – that’s where the beauty in this service is.”

In a service industry where the norm for many companies is to recommend removing the tree, this is one area where Action Tree Care shines. “Most of the time, property owners come to us and they bought the property in part because of the tree. So they’re thrilled to hear they can keep it, where the guy before us may have told them it was impossible.”

It’s this kind of insight into the process that separates the wheat from the chaff, in the tree industry. And of course, it works both ways, in some cases.

“We’ve had houses where we arrive and there’s just this gigantic live oak in the front yard that’s clearly going to fall on the house and cause structural damage. And it breaks our hearts, but we’ve got to be honest and let them know it has to come down. Which is positive in its own way, because we can show them the process of taking it down and show them the part of the tree that aged out. It’s a learning experience, and that’s valuable.”

A Tree Surgeon A Cut Above The Rest

Action Tree Care has risen the ranks of their industry to become one of Volusia County’s most trusted tree service professionals in 2018. With a services portfolio including tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding, and tree removal, their range extends to Sanford, Lake Mary, DeLand, Flagler, Ormond, Daytona, and most of Central Florida.

Visit them today to find out more about their full range of services, and bring a professional into your yard today!