5 Things to Know about the Parent-Child Relationship

Parent-Child Relationship

The parent-child relationship is qualitatively supreme among all types of relationships. Parents have the biggest role to play in child development, but what should parents exactly do to raise mentally and emotionally healthy children? The answer is broad but here are a few tips.

1 Believe in your children

Parents must be the very first persons who should believe in their children and what they are capable of. Making your children know and feel that you believe in them and what they can do will build their confidence, and drive them to put more effort into what they do and what they want to achieve.

“I know you can do it”

“I believe in your capabilities”

“You are one of the best I know”

“Keep the faith”

“Show them what you’ve got”

“I’ve got your back”

2 Teach your children to lead the way

Teach your children all the good things in life, coach them to use appropriate language whoever they speak to and look on the positive side of things all the time. If your children can discern which way is right and the proper thing to do, they will grow intelligently independent and develop leadership skills in many ways.

“The right thing to do is…”

“The best thing you can do is…”

“That was great, but you can do better if/with’’

“Thank you!”


“You’re welcome”

3 Show your children their inner and outer beauty

Parents must be able to see their children’s capabilities at an early age and develop these into skills and talents. As children realize their potential, they will be able to build self-image and be able to appreciate both inner and outer beauty in themselves and in others.

“You’re the best dancer I’ve ever known”

“You look awesome in that school uniform”

“I knew you’d make it to the finals”

“It’s ok, take a look at other options”

“Just as how I imagined you’d look in that suit — perfect”

4 Give your children a sense of pride

Praising your children will help them develop positive behaviors, self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. Praise is an acknowledgment of who your children have become, of the action they have taken, and even the positive effect to others of what they have done. So be on the lookout at all times of those actions deserving praise and couple those with doting gestures, like looking at your child square in the eye, with a warm smile, the scuff of the hair or caress.

“Thank you for being such a good son/daughter”

“That was the best lemonade I’ve ever drunk in my life”

“Good job!”

“You’re the best dancer ever!”

“That was the best poem I’ve ever heard”

5 Let your children’s laughter light up your day

Give your children the time of fun and laughter they deserve. Let them explore, manipulate and experiment on their own so that they can make sense of the world around them, and you’ll be surprised how their joy affects you.

A parent-child relationship is not a physical property you can trade like land for sale — it is the most intangible asset that a family can possess.


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