Most Poisonous Creatures That Roam The Earth

most poisonous creatures

It is not commonly known that the most poisonous creatures of the earth are either reptiles, undersea creatures, and arachnids. All other creatures compared to the ones they are on the list, pale in comparison to their poisonous potency. Here is the breakdown of the top five most poisonous creatures to walk, slither or swim this earth.


1. The Puffer Fish

First on the list of most poisonous animals is none other than the puffer fish. These cute little swimmers are anything but harmless. these toxic critters can be found around Japan, China, and the Philippines, as well as Mexico. Regardless of their venomous potency, these fishes are often eaten and have no threat when prepared properly to be eaten. The puffer fish’s skin, muscle tissue, liver, and gonads do contain a toxin known as tetrodotoxin, deadly when eaten causing symptoms ranging from, convulsion, to paralysis and eventually death.



2. The Dart Frog


most poisonous creatures

In addition to the puffer fish, this cute little amphibian will give you a reason not to live. That’s because the small creatures contain a venom known as batrachotoxin, a toxin that will have you frozen in your socks and staring at the light at the end of the tunnel, because you will be paralyzed from head to toe. It gets worse, once you paralyzed there’s almost no chance of surviving a brush up with one of these frogs as you have a high chance to kick the bucket right then and there.


3. Stonefish


Most poisonous creatures

If you plan on diving in the waters of Australia, which, I don’t know why you would because even the grass there seems to want to kill you, you need to familiarize yourself with this creature, the stonefish. This animal easily blends in with surrounding rocks making it a perfect killer to any creature that gets close. The spines located on its back will pierce almost any tissue and inject a formidable toxin into the bloodstream known as verotoxin causing swelling, necrosis of tissue, paralysis, shock, and ultimately death. If you were ever unlucky enough to be probed by these things you need to soak the injury in warm water as quickly as possible while on your way to the nearest hospital were treatment exists.


4. Death Stalker Scorpion


Most poisonous creatures

Now, these creatures look like they were designed to give you a bad day, with their menacing legs and lengthy stinger, it is natural for them to be the face of any creatures nightmares. Often found in socks, shoes, or any convenient small dark place they seem to patiently wait to inject their toxin into the next one to cross their path. Typically found in the Middle East and North Africa, death stalker scorpions’ venom can cause a good deal of pain as well as respiratory failure, resulting in death. They will literally steal your breath in one of the most painful ways.


5. The Box JellyFish


Most poisonous creatures

Another creature from down under making this list is none other than the box jellyfish. Widely regarded as the most venomous creature on earth this creature solely lives to mess other animals lives. A single brush up with one of its stringy jellyfish stingers will cause extreme pain described as a red-hot knife cutting through your skin. Once into the bloodstream, there’s a high chance of heart attack due to escalated blood pressure and ultimately death.