10 Most Creative Prom Makeup Ideas That Are Trending

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Graduating from high school is quite thrilling. You know that you are leaving your teenage years behind and getting ready to face life with an older version of yourself. However, that does not mean you forget all the great moments you have had in school. Besides the thrill, you can feel a bit nervous about the prom. Proms come once in a lifetime, and everyone wants them to be as perfect as possible. A few years from now, you want to feel great when you look back at your old photos. Most girls are afraid they will not look as beautiful as they want to be. But instead of letting those stressful thoughts get to you, go with whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you are comfy in your skin, you will feel beautiful in whatever you dress. So, you first need to pick up the dress that suits you and flaunt your body. The next step, wear your hair in a style that accentuates your face shape.

Lastly, it is MAKEUP time. There are so many trends to choose from, and that can make it a bit difficult. Here, we gathered ten of the most creative ideas for your prom makeup. Check them out.

1 All Over Gloss

Well, no matter what makeup idea you are going to choose, make sure you prep your skin first. If you skipped that part, you might regret when you realize your makeup has gone cakey and undesirable. So, moisturize first and treat your skin right. Once you finish prepping your skin up, go for the best makeup idea. Here is one of the easiest and prettiest makeup ideas; having gloss all over. This look will make your glam shine through. All you need is to add some gloss to your eyelids as well as your lips. It is a classic prom look and a very basic one that can never go wrong. It works perfectly for girls who are not big fans of makeup but still needs to flaunt their natural beauty on such a remarkable event. We assure that it won’t let you down.

2 Rainbow Up!

For a creative makeup trend, go for colors; even as many as you want. Yes, we mean it. Colors are very sparkly and youthful which exactly what you are. Spread the energy of your youthfulness around through wearing different colors even bold ones. Mix some eyeshadow colors and seize the opportunity of owning the world. It is the time of your life, so feel free to go from some trials and errors before applying your final choice. Blue is a hot color that is taking over the latest trends of the season. Feel free to wear blue on your eyes. Or, take it up a notch and wear blue lipstick. While this idea shows how dare and bold you are, it may not be the best choice for the prom night.

3 Mix & Match

If you are keen on going that far, try mixing two colors on your eyes. For example, apply blue on your upper eyelid, but go for a green eyeliner on the bottom. Another option you have got is adding a stunning ombre effect to your eyes. Choose the shade that appeals to you the most and gradually add its different hues. Fire up your lips by wearing an orangey red lipstick or a hot pink. No matter what colors you choose, make sure you maintain balance and contrast. Trust us, you will feel energetic with the easiness of using colors. No fears, it is the time of your life.

4 Go for Pink and Fuchsias

Hot pink is usually on top of the list for every girly girl. Don’t be afraid to take your makeup level up a notch. Cover your eyelid with a hot pink shade or fuchsia color that truly pops. You can actually add a lighter shade on your lower lashes to create a balance and not look too vague. For the rest of your face, go for a blusher that has an orange hue; a very light one though.

5 Flirty Red

Red is one of the top classic colors in the world of makeup. It sends that flirtatious vibes all around. If you want a classic look on your prom night, go for red all over. Yes, you read that right. All over red will give you a romantic look; it is quite sexy and seductive. However, try to alter between the shades of red on different spots over your face. Go for bold matte red lipstick and let your lips look luscious. For the eyelids, try to go for a bit lighter shade instead, so it does not turn into a Halloween-like makeup. Add to the edges of your eyelid a bit of silver or white to break the extreme brightness of red. Blush up with red as well and look naturally beautiful. Show up to the dance floor being on fleek and dance the night away.

6 Cat Eyes

Being sexy on your prom night is an ultimate goal. You definitely want to impress your date as much as you want to create an impeccable memory to remember forever. A simple tip to create impressive seductive eyes is a winged eyeliner. While it is a game that not everyone masters, you can easily learn how to have the perfect cat eye all by yourself. Grab a spoon and use its edges, so you make sure the angles on both of your eyes are identical. You can also use a card if it feels easier for you. Step up your winged eyeliner game by using a different color rather than black. While black is quite amazing, feel free to use blue for a change.

7 Cute Polka Dots Eyeliner

If you are more of a cutie pie rather than a bold girl, there are different options out there for you. You don’t have to go for seductive makeup ideas just because they are trending. If they don’t reveal who you are or express what you feel, ditch them and look for better options that work for you. Here’s a nice idea to consider; draw polka dots with your eyeliner. But before you draw those dots, you are going to need a base that makes them clear. Dust a white eyeshadow over your lids and go for matte ones. Afterward, grab your eyeliner and make sure the tip is quite thin, so the dots don’t appear way too large. Start dotting your lids in a pattern as if you are tracing an already drawn winged eyeliner. Try to make both sides as identical as possible.

8 Smokey Eyes

The reason we are putting much emphasis on the eyes is that they are the window of the soul. No, seriously, we’re doing this because your eyes are the most obvious feature in your face. They create all the difference. Every girl wants to look hot and attractive on the prom, so here is our advice; go for smoky eyes. They can never go wrong or let you down unless you mess things up and end up looking like a panda. If you are afraid that things might go wrong, watch a handful of tutorials first. They are very helpful and will get you there in no time. They are not as hard as they seem, so give them a shot. Smoky eyes compliment all colors and shapes of the eyes, so there is nothing to worry about.

9 Glitter & Sparkle

Reveal your glam and glitter up your eyes with the brightest colors ever. Be brave enough to use glitter on your eyes and shine through in your prom night. You will look ultimately trendy and glamorous next to all of your girlfriends. Above and beyond, don’t take it too things too far. You can freely wear glittery eye makeup, but keep everything else simple for a sexy balance. For your lips, go for neutral and nude colors and avoid bold one. The same goes for your dress and hair, wear both of them in the simplest and classic ways ever.

10 Gold Effect

Gold has a great impact on a girl’s femininity too. Experiment your options with a daring attitude because proms happen once in a lifetime. Add gold to your eyelids and build the color in gradual layers for a nice effect. Don’t just smack it and hope it would turn out good. You can also use it on your lips by painting a light liquid color.

Looking perfect on your prom is crucial. However, don’t make a big deal out of your look and forget to have fun. Make the best out of your prom night. Dance your heart away and enjoy being among your friends without a care in the world.


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